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Www.rarepottery.info originates from the collection of Dan and Monica King. Since a very young age, Dan has had an interest in Native American Culture. A natural curiosity for the people that once occupied the Tucson Basin led him to studies of Southwest prehistory.  Focused on ceramics, Dan began referencing pottery types and dates, with a special focus on unusual variants or blending of pottery styles.  After finding a lack of a single source for all the pottery types, he pondered the idea of working on a publication himself. During the following years of research, Dan found that sometimes new data provided by current archaeology excavations changed previously recorded date ranges and current finding produced new pottery types.  This new data would supercede old, making many publications outdated and some material even irrelevant.

Dan thus decided on a web site dedicated to Native American pottery. A site where data could be easily updated or changed as new evidence is discovered. After the initial launching, other private collectors and some museums, gave permission to have their pieces photographed and documented on www.rarepottery.info.  Studying the pottery tradition and changes throughout time made us more aware of the importance of today's Native American artists. Dan's wife, Monica, an artist herself, began to explore the works of current potters. Monica believes through honoring the past, we can cultivate the present potters through support, and inspire a future generation to preserve traditional arts and crafts. Thus the historic and contemporary section of www.rarepottery.info was born. As archaeologists discover new evidence and today's potters teach new students, www.rarepottery.info will never be "finished", it will live and grow to serve anyone wishing to learn more about the cultures of the Native American Southwest.


Www.rarepottery.info was founded around 2004 by Native American pottery collectors: Dan and Monica King.  Since that time www.rarepottery.info has grown to be the largest single resource for referencing Native American pottery and artists. Now archaeologists, even working in the field in remote locations, can instantly type pottery, including trade wares via internet satellite connection. Today, more than ever, we feel it is extremely important not to be a burden on the local, state, or federal economy and thus we rely 100% on funding from our activities, services, and sponsors.  It is our goal to one day open a museum and cultural center.


The Mission of www.rarepottery.info is:

TO EDUCATE by collecting, documenting, and preserving Native American Pottery

TO PROMOTE AND INSPIRE young Native American's to protect and preserve their heritage.

TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN a research tool to serve archaeologists, collectors, and enthusiasts.