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WWW.RAREPOTTERY.INFO is the largest virtual museum on southwestern Native American Pottery. We currently have over 10,000 photographs! This site is designed to promote past, present, and future potters with hope of continuing the pottery making tradition that is currently being threatened on several southwestern reservations.

We have been mentioned in List of Southwestern Pottery Types and Wares by Norman Oppelt, 2008 and the Layman's Field Guide to Ancestral Puebloan Pottery Northern San Juan/Mesa Verde Region by Louis A. Green, 2010.

We have a huge number of followers, made up of collectors, researchers, tourists, and students of archaeology. Some are first time users searching the internet for information on a particular pot that they know nothing about, something left to them by a relative, a gift from a friend, a find at a yard sale, estate sale, or auction.  The majority of visitors are from the United States, however we are starting to see more of an interest from around the world, places such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

New content is added to our site almost daily. We just recently started a blog page, not to be used as a chat area, but as a spot for visitors to find out what the most recent additions have been since their last visit. This continued increase in content makes it so viewers visit repeatedly and frequently.

Sponsorship of our web site would raise the profile of your company amongst potential customers. We have multiple levels of sponsorship available:

CLAY LEVEL: Starting from raw materials is the beginning or birth of a pot. A link to your company web site will be added to the Links and Sponsors Page. $100. per year.

PIGMENT LEVEL: Let's add some color! Over time, pottery went from a dull plain ware to multi colored works of art. At this level your company will receive the link on our Links and Sponsors Page, one ad on the cultural or potters page of your choice, plus a mention on our Facebook Page. $500. per year.

POTTERY LEVEL: You appreciate pottery as an art form and want to see potters continue an ancient tradition. At this level your company will receive the link on our Links and Sponsors Page, an ad on the FIVE cultural or potters pages of your choice, a mention on our Facebook Page PLUS an ad on our Blogspot. $900. per year.

See Table below for more details:

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