TYPE: Kiet Siel Gray

DATE: A.D. 1200 to 1300 (Oppelt 2008:21)

KEY DIFFERENCES: Abundant opaque temper. Surface is usually very rough, bumpy, deeply pitted, often coils are not completely obliterated. Scraping marks conspicous, often coarsely crazed. Rims often appear to be formed with a single very wide flattened coil. Interiors are usually bumpy and rough as well, all earlier types (except Lino Gray) are usually smoother.

COMMENTS: Similar to Lino Gray, but later in time. Compared to Lino Gray, vessels are often larger, with room ollas or jars being the most common.

1Y Kiet Siel Gray Pitcher

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/8" by 4 3/8"



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