Feather & Rainy Hallmark

First Mesa

Spider-Stick Clan

Born: 1949

Daughter of Helen "Featherwoman" Naha

Grandaughter of Paqua Naha

Sister of Burel Naha, Syliva Naha Humprey, & Rechenda Hill

Pottery Surface Treatment: White wares (four layers of sandstone slip applied over clay to produce a white color).

Vessel Forms: Bowls, vases, and seed bowls.

Designs: Two signature designs consits of her "solstice design" which includes sun, moon, and stars. And the "embracing hawks" which feature ten interlocking raptors. Rainy also paints tumbling parrots, four direction, water, man & woman, tapestry, night and day, cloud, and migration symbols. Some designs are inspirations from prehistoric pottery shards.

Comments: Made her first piece of pottery at 13 years old.

Studied Archaeology at Brigham Young University.

Creates around 25 pots per year.


Sedona Monthly, December 2011


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