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 The Pueblo of Nambe

Mound of Earth in the Corner

Language: Tewa

Traditional micaceous pottery is as important to the Pueblo's artisans as it is to today's collectors. Current community projets are centered around youth, families, and elders. The Pueblo of Nambe has just created a written Tewa dictionary to document and ensure the use of the Nambe Tewa language for future generations. An interesting note is that Nambe is one of the few tribes in New Mexico that does not own a casino and are promoting a more sustainable approach to economic development through the management of the Nambe Pueblo Development Corporation (NPDC). Amongst their future plans lay a watter bottling plant, a transfer station for biomass generation, and a 500-acre solar generating station.

The Pueblo of Nambe is located in New Mexico, off of State Road 503 and sits at the base of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Approximately Sixteen miles north of the state capitol of Santa Fe. Nambe Pueblo encompasses 19,000 acres of land.



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