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Do you have a pottery vessel that you have no idea of the origins? We receive a large number of emails asking "What is it?", "Can you help?", or "What direction should I go from here?"

We understand and feel your frustration. Afterall, we were in your shoes 15 years ago. We started in order to give an online guide for pottery identification. However, we know this site is can be overwelming. 

There are two options:



What is the difference?


POTTERY IDENTIFACTION SERVICE: The first step. You may have a piece that may be worth a substantial amount of money, or you may have a piece that is not. Perhaps even a replica or a pottery type from a culture that is not from the American Southwest. You can receive an initial online letter stating our professional opinion. This in turn can help you decide what direction to take. The cost of our service is $15.00


Send photographs of all four sides, top and bottom, along with dimensions, and any information that came with the item to We will in return send you an invoice for the fee and any other questions we may have about the piece. After receipt of payment we will email you with our opinion along with links to what we believe is the culture, typology, artist, or recommendations.

If the vessel is deemed to be an object of value you may then want to think about shipping the item to us for a full Authentication. We have to have the vessel in our hands in order to scrutinize for evidence of modern manufacture, restoration, and paint enhancement. This service also provides you with a Certificate of Authenticity. For more information please visit: Authentication Service.