We would like to offer a unique opportunity to the Native American Potters of today.

We understand that in this struggling economy, it is harder than ever before to market your wares.

Competition is high. Galleries, dealers, and museum gift shops only have space on their shelves

for a limited number of items.  Shows, exhibitions, and other events take up your time, your money,

and even your sanity, with hopes of breaking even and dreams of making a profit.

The internet is a great resource for advertising, however web sites take time to design and keep current.

At our goal is to give each artist their own page showing examples of their creations

to the world. We are offering artists an opportunity to donate one (signed) item.  This item will be used to promote your work so it should be a piece that you would be proud to display to the public.  We ask that you include an artists form that you can print out by clicking here PLUS include how you would like collectors and buyers to contact you. This information can be a link to your own personal web site, an email address, a phone number, or as private as a mailing address only.

Please consider your donated item a type of trade for advertising and know

that your piece will be used to educate the public.

To take advantage of this offer please send:

1) Donated item

2) Completed Artist Survey

3) Your contact information


Monica King

PMB 36

10390 S Sierrita Mtn Rd

Tucson, AZ 85736

Not only will potters be listed under the appropriate tribal affiliation area(s), but as artists submit their wares, each will be featured on the front homepage of for one month and also be promoted on Facebook.


Artists that do not wish to make a donation will still be listed on and are encouraged to submit a an artist form, however your contact information will not be provided to the public.

We are also interested in buying items at wholesale prices for the gallery and gift shop, submit photos, dimensions and prices to Monica at

To learn more about please visit the About Us and Mission Statement Page.


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