COMMENTS: Melvin is the son of famous artist, Corn Moquino, who taught Melvin how to make pottery. Melvin was born in 1966 and has been making pottery for over 30 years. The clay is collected from Santa Clara Pueblo. Melvin coils and molds the clay by hand, then sands and polishes the pieces with handed down polishing stones that have been handed down through generations of potters. The pottery is then fired outside in a pit using manure which traps the carbons producing the beautifl back smudging. After firing the design is applied and etched by hand. The sienna-red areas is achieved by re-heating those places for the desired affect.


Father: Corn Moquino

Mother: Christine Moquino

Brother of: Christopher, James, Marvin, Mark, Martin,

Matthew, Michael, & Bernice



1N Black Sgraffito with Sienna Hummingbirds and Flowers by Melvin Moquino

   Approximate Dimensions: 3 1/8" by 2 3/4" by 2"







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