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As in any antiquity collecting field, or any commodity with value for that matter, Native American pottery has its fair share of fakes. One only needs to visit an online auction house to get an eye full of many mislabeled, wrongly identified, incorrect condition reporting, and out-right replicas being offered by some un-educated sellers and shady art dealers.

Examples that we have seen are historic Mexican pottery being sold as "Ancient Anasazi" and

Pre-Columbian Jar being sold as "Hohokam". A replica pot that was actually etched Circa 1990 and signed with a hallmark was being sold with the following statement: "I know that some of this pottery is very old and valuable, but I can't tell you just how old this one is.........could be a real gem." Those that honestly don't know what they are selling use the terms "vintage", "old", and "rare" attached to "Indian" or "Native American" when selling pieces that are not from the American Southwest. What is even worse is when we, as restoration artists, can see the restoration in the photos, the seller is stating "as found" or "no restoration". We have even seen "I think it might have restoration, but there is no plaster or repaint". It is a "buyer beware" world and we are here to educate the buyer. has become the largest web site on identification of Native American pottery. However, it is so vast and overwhelming we receive a daily bombardment of emails with attached photos and the plea "what is it?".

As founders of, ceramic typologists, and restoration/conservation artists with over 15 years of experience we offer authentication services.

The fee is $25.00 per item plus return shipping.

If you are a collector and buy from private individuals, auction houses, art dealers, etc. it is an excellent investment to have your item(s) authenticated. Should an item be a recent acquisition and turn out to not be as described by the seller - request your money back!

If you are a seller and pottery is not your area of expertise, have the item(s) authenticated prior to sale to uphold your creditable reputation.

We are objective, unbiased, and thorough in ceramic studies. We look at each item closely to determine culture, pottery type, and condition based upon references, research, and experience. Each item is scrutinized for evidence of modern manufacture, restoration, and paint enhancement. Upon completing our research on your item, the item will be returned accompanied by a Certificate of Authentication or a letter stating our findings. Photos and copies of all original documents are kept to ensure accuracy and prevent forgeries.

Sample Certificate states culture, type of pottery, circa, measurements,

condition, and restoration.


To have your item(s) authenticated:

1. Safely package (double box with plenty of packaging material) and ship to:


Dan & Monica King

10390 S Sierrita Mtn Rd #36

Tucson, AZ 85736




Accompany with $25.00 per item and include all contact information:

Name, phone number, email address, and return shipping address.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Personal Check (personal check subject to clearing prior to item(s) return)

2. Item(s) are evaluated, photographed and documented, then securely double-boxed for return shipping. Return shipping is at the expense of the owner. We ship via UPS ground unless previous arrangements are made. Please advise us of any insurance amount and we will contact you with the shipping fees.

For more information please call 520-240-0532 (leave message) or email us at