TYPE: Pinnawa Polychrome (see comments)   

DATE:  AD 1350 to 1450 (see comments)   

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs, occasionally secondary exterior designs.

COMMON DESIGNS: Simple linework and hatching without glaze paint.

KEY DIFFERENCES:  No glaze paint used in the design. Linework is usually white and red. Interiors are slipped white or white and red. Exteriors are slipped red. 


Red-on-White Interior, White-on-Red Exterior

Red-on-White and White-on-Red Interior, Red Exterior


Pinnawa Red-on-White, White-on-Red

COMMENTS: New type, althought the name is not new, previously described as Kechipawan Polychrome in old literature. Dates are believed to be the same as Pinnawa Red-on-White, and White-on-Red.



1Y Anasazi Zuni Ware Pinnawa Polychrome

Approximate Dimensions: 10 1/4" by 4 3/4"



2Y Pinnawa Polychrome bowl shards belonging to same vessel. The vessel had a red-on-white interior and white-on-red exterior (faded).



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