TYPE: Aquarius White-on-Orange

DATE: A.D. 1000 - 1400 (See comments)

COMMON DESIGNS: Simple broad linework, designs are often not carefully laid out and seem to be more in common with older, cruder examples of Southwestern pottery types. Later examples have medium width linework and more carefully laid out designs that are more symmetrical. Designs show a full range of simple motifs such as scrolls (both curvilinear and angular), chevrons, dots, circles, triangles, diamonds, solids, straight and wavy linework, etc. Early designs are often like rock art or petroglyphs.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Unslipped orange background color.

COMMENTS: A partial seed jar of this type is described and accompanied with a photo in Barnett, 1970, page 76. Dates are assumed to be the same as Aquarius Orange.


1N Aquarius White-on-Orange, Exterior

Approximate Dimensions: 2 3/8" or 6 cm. by 1 6/8" or 4.5 cm.

1N Aquarius White-on-Orange, Interior


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