TYPE: Babicora Polychrome

DATE:  A.D. 1250 to 1475 (Rakita and Raymond, 2003;160)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors and/or exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Simple blocky designs that often have balanced opposed red and black motifs.


KEY DIFFERENCES: Designs are simple and not as fine or elaborate as

most Ramos Polychrome designs.

COMMENTS: Unless Babicora Polychrome can be proven to date differently than Ramos Polychrome, it should be regarded as a design style of Ramos Polychrome. Technically the same, this type is believed to be the precursor to Ramos Polychrome. Similar design styles can be seen in Dublan, Villa Ahumada, Carretas, and Huerigos Polychromes. If Babicora is eventually proven to date earlier and this type proves valid, then the four previously mentioned polychromes (Dublan, Villa Ahumada, Carretas, and Huerigos) with like designs would likely be split and four new types would be named. In my opinion, Babicora Polychrome has not yet been proven to be a valid type, and should be regarded as "early" Ramos Polychrome at this time.  General early attributes may include bowls with primary interior designs, effigy bowls, jars with textured rims, and non-hooded effigy jars. Late attributes would likely be bowls with primary exterior designs, jars without textured rims, and hooded-effigy jars. Late examples may be painted with flamboyant or extravagant designs while many early and late examples may be painted in the simple "Babicora Style".


1N Babicora Polychrome Bowl






2N Babicora Polychrome "Horny Toad" Effigy

Approximate Dimensions: 6 5/8" by 5 5/8" by 4 3/4"




3N Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Badger Hooded Effigy



4N Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome with Human Face

Approximate Dimensions: 4" by 5"



5N Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 7" by 5 1/8"



6Y Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Human Head Effigy Vessel.

Precurser form to the fully developed hooded effigy.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/4" by 4 3/4"



7Y Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Bowl with interior and exterior design.

Approximate Dimensions: 4 7/8" by 1 3/4"




8N Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Bowl (most of the black paint is missing).

Approximate Dimensions: 3 1/2" by 2"



9Y Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Bowl with no interior design

and an exterior design consisting of curvilinear and rectilinear motifs.

Approximate Dimensions: 4" by 2"


10Y Casas Grandes Babicora Polychrome Bowl with interior and exterior designs.

Approximate Dimensions: 4 1/8" by 1 3/4"


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