TYPE: Escondida Polychrome Variants

DATE:  A.D. 1250 to 1475 (Rakita and Raymond, 2003;160)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors, or exteriors, or both interiors and exteriors.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLOR(S): Bowls may have white or buff interiors and red slipped exteriors. Jars often have red bottoms and/or red inner rims and rim tops.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Red slip and design styles that resemble Salado Polychromes, however the wide spirit line is absent and Casas motifs are often incorporated in the designs.


Pinto Polychrome

Gila Polychrome

Cliff Polychrome

Tonto Polychrome

Los Muertos Polychrome

Ramos Polychrome


1Y Escondida Polychrome Variant Bowl

This bowl was painted with a thick glaze instead of the thin black paint which was normally used.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/4" by 5 1/4"



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