TYPE: Cedar Creek Glaze-on-White

DATE: A.D. 1300 to 1375 (see comments)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs, secondary exterior designs.

COMMON DESIGNS: Cedar Creek Glaze-on-White share the same designs as Cedar Creek Polychrome.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Framing lines are usually about twice the size of the hatching lines.

COMMENTS: This type has not been formally described (new type). Cedar Creek Glaze-on-White is a transitional type. Although this type may be rare, it confirms the transition from Pinedale Black-on-White to Showlow Glaze-on-White, the same way Cedar Creek Polychrome is the transitional type between Pinedale Polychrome and Fourmile Polychrome (Carlson 1970;63). Dates are based on Cedar Creek Polychrome (Carlson 1970;62-63).




1N Cedar Creek Glaze-on-White Bowl.

Approximate Dimensions: 7 7/8" by 3 1/2"




2N Cedar Creek Black-on-White Ladle with centipede painted on the handle.



3N Cedar Creek Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/8" by 3"



4Y Cedar Creek Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 6 1/2" by 3"




5Y Cedar Creek Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/2" by 3 1/2"




6N Cedar Creek Black-on-White Bird Effigy Vessel



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