TYPE: Hohokam White-on-Red (see comments)

(AKA: Gila White-on-Red)

DATE:  AD 1125 to 1450 (Wallace 2003;22)


KEY DIFFERENCES: White designs on Gila Red , paddle and anvil thinned.


Smudged (common)

Nonsmudged (uncommon)

COMMENTS: DiPeso first gave the name "Gila White-on-Red" when describing a sherd found with many Gila Polychrome sherds at the Reeve Ruin (DiPeso, 1958;101). The sherd was a Salado Ware, coil and scraped, and decorated in a Gila Polychrome style. The name "Gila White-on-Red" has also been used to describe Hohokam Gila Red with white painted designs (Wood, 1987;42 , Nuezil & Lyons,2005;32). As far as I know, DiPeso was the first to put into print and describe Gila White-on-Red. Because he was first, Gila White-on-Red should be used to refer to the Salado type he described. The type I am describing here should be named Hohokam White-on-Gila Red or Hohokam White-on-Red "for short".


1Y Hohokam Gila White-on-Red Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 7" by 3 3/4"



2N Hohokam White-on-Red Jar with faint traces of white paint.



3N Hohokam White-on-Red Bowl, Smudged Variety

Approximate Dimensions: 7 5/8" by 4"


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