TYPE: Hawikuh Polychrome   

DATE: A.D. 1630 to 1680+ (Lanmon & Harlow, 2008;73)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior and/or exterior designs.  Most often with secondary interior and/or exterior designs. Occasionally, bowl interiors may be left blank.

COMMON DESIGNS:   Interior designs are usually simple while exterior designs are comparatively usually more intricate.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Thick often runny glaze and matte red paints on a slipped white or buff upper band on bowl exteriors, with glaze paint on red slipped interiors.

VARIETIES: Most bowls (approximately 58%) are usually red slipped inside and out except a wide white slipped band on the upper exteriors.  Some bowls (approximately 16%) have a white band along the inner rim at the top only while the rest of the bowl is red slipped.  Other bowls (approximately 13%) have a total white slipped interior with or without the white exterior band.  Approximately 7% of bowls have a half red and half white interior slip with red exteriors.  The rarest variety of Hawikuh Polychrome bowls are white or buff slipped fully on exteriors and interiors (approximately 4%).  Jars have red slipped bases, approximately 83% have white slip from the rim down to near or just below the greatest diameter of the vessel, while approximately 15% have the upper body bisected vertically, half being slipped red and half slipped white. Some jars are mostly slipped red and have a wide white slipped band at the top or the middle of the jar (Smith, Woodbury and Woodbury, 1966;333).

COMMENTS: The white or buff slip often appears to be unslipped polished clay.





1Y Hawikuh Polychrome Bowl.

Thick runny green glaze and matte red designs are painted on the white slipped portion of the exterior of this bowl, while the interior has an X and a splatter design done in the same green glaze paint.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/4" or 23.5 cm. by 4 1/4" or 10.8 cm.



2N This Hawikuh Polychrome bowl has no interior design.





3N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome bowl with birds and centipedes.



4N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome bowl with Kachina




5Y Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome bowl with dragonflies painted on the interior of the rim.

Approximate Dimensions: 11" by 4 5/8"





6N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome Olla

Approximate Dimensions: 9" by 16"



7N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome Olla




8N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome Seedjar with Pour Spout






9N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome Jar




10N Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome buff colored bowl.

Of all the bowls found at Hawikuh only 4% were decorated on an all white or buff

background color (Smith, Woodbury and Woodbury, 1966;333).

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/2" by 4 3/4"



11Y Anasazi Hawikuh Polychrome Bowl

The exterior band and most of the interior of this vessel appears not to be white

or buff slipped, rather it appears to simply be polished clay.

Approximate Dimensions: 13" by 6"


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