TYPE: Peck Red

DATE: A.D. 1400 to 1750+ (DiPeso, 1956;310)

KEY DIFFERENCES: Compared to Sells Red, Peck Red may have polishing striations but much less, if any, and not done in a pattern. Peck Red vessels average thicker than Gila Red vessels of the same size. Peck Red is not smudged as Salt Red Smudged is. Peck Red usually does not have indented bowl bottoms as most Sells Red does.

SLIP OR SURFACE TREATMENT: Lightly or thinly red slipped. Tool polished. Red Slip usually has extremely fine and sparse mica particles showing thru on the surface.

TEMPER: Paste is sandy looking with angular and rounded quartz and feldspar.

COMMENTS: Peck Red is very similar to Salt Red, however Salt Red is actually a somewhat rare variety of Salt Red Smudged. Peck Red appears to have been fired upside down like Sells Red, as the exteriors of bowls show fireclouds. Occasionally fireclouds are found on the interiors, but are usually absent. Salt Red "evolved" from Gila Red while Peck Red "evolved" from Sells Red.

1Y Peck Red Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 6 1/8" by 2 1/2"


2Y Peck Red Bowl
Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/8" by 2 3/4"

3N Peck Red Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 6" by 3 1/2"


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