TYPE: Walpi Black-on-Yellow

DATE: A.D. 1800 to present (Dittert, Jr. and Plog, 1980;140)

COMMON DESIGNS: Designs are the same as Polacca Polychrome except that the Sityatki revival designs are known as Hano Black-on-Yellow.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Yellow background color not slipped.

SLIP OR SURFACE TREATMENT: No slip, smoothed to highly polished.

1Y Early Walpi Black-on-Yellow Dough Bowl

Approximate Dimentions:  15 1/8" or 38.4cm by 5" or 12.7cm




2N Hopi Walpi Black-on-Yellow Bowl



3N Hopi Walpi Black-on-Yellow Cylinder




4N Hopi Walpi Black-on-Yellow Bowl



5N Hopi Walpi Black-on-Yellow Cylinder




6N Hopi Walpi Black-on-Yellow Human Effigy Ashtray

Approximate Dimensions: 3 3/4" by 3 3/4"


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