TYPE: Jemez Black-on-White

DATE: A.D. 1300-1750 (Oppelt, 2002;24)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs, secondary exterior designs.

COMMON DESIGNS: Bowl interiors usually have a banded design along the wall with a large open space in the bottom. Exteriors of bowls and jars often have two large rectilinear, horizontal panels with vertical and diagonal closely spaced lines, other design elements include crosshatch, dots, crosses and solid triangles. There usually is alot of open space within these panels.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Organic paint, "oyster white" slip, interiors and exteriors highly polished.



1N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl




2N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 14 1/4" by 6 1/4"



3Y Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 11 5/8" by 5"




4Y Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Olla with Handles. Approximate Dimensions: 16" by 11"

This extremely important piece of history "proves" that the inhabitants of Mesa Verde, Colorado, (famous for producing strap-handled Ollas) migrated South to the Jemez River Southwest of

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jemez Black-on-White was produced from A.D. 1300 to about 1750. The rare distinctive shape of this olla with its "mid-body bulge" was likely made between A.D. 1630 - 1680.   The strap handles and carbon painted design are very likely a continued trait of the Mesa Verde potters that migrated to Jemez Pueblo beginning around A.D. 1300.


5N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl



6N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl



7N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl





8N Anasazi Jemez Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 7 3/4" by 3 3/4"



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