Pottery Making Relatives:

Mother - Mabel Sunn

Sister - Barbara Johnson

Sister-in-Law - Beryl Stevens

Grandson - Kevin Mathew Stevens


Deceased: December 10, 1996


The Desert Southwest, Four Thousand Years of Life & Art

Allan & Carol Hayes, Ten Speed Press, 2006

Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni

Allan Hayes & John Blom, Northland Publishing, 1996

Dirt for Making Things, An apprenticeship in Maricopa Pottery

As told to Janet Stoeppelmann by Mary Fernald, Northland Publishing, 1995



1. Maricopa Pottery Basket signed G.S.


2. Maricopa Mojave Style Pottery Vessel signed G.S.



3. Pee Posh Black-on-Red Wedding Vase signed G.S.




4. Pee Posh Black-on-Red Frog Effigy Vessel by Gertrude Stevens.

Although this piece is unsigned, it is a Stevens family heirloom

verifing that it was made by Gertrude Stevens.



5. Pee Posh Black-on-Red finely painted bowl signed G.S.


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