Began making pottery in the 1970's.

Unlike Juan Quesada, who uses a single-coil approach to pottery construction, Felix developed the continuous-coil method. A technique similar to Pueblo potters.

Vessel Forms: Effigies, Jars/Ollas

Design Styles: Polychrome & Matte Black-on-Graphite Black. Geometric and animal motifs.

Pottery Making Relatives:

Brother-in-Law: Salvador Ortiz

Brother: Emeterio Ortiz



Pilo Mora

Ruben Lozano

Enrique Pedregon

Pati Ortiz

Macario Ortiz

Eduardo "Chevo" Ortiz

Nicolas Ortiz


The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz

By Susan Lowell, Jim Hills, Jorge Quintana Rodrigues,

Walter Parks, & Michael Wisner

1999, Rio Nuevo Publishers, Tucson, Arizona


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