TYPE: Hummingbird Red-on-Buff

AKA: Red-on-Buff (unnamed)

DATE: AD 1450 to 1475 (Smith, Woodbury & Woodbury, 1966;325)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs, secondary exterior designs, or primary exterior designs with no interior design.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Red paint on a yellow or buff slip. 

DESIGNS: Designs may look like late Pinnawa or early Matsaki.  

COMMENTS: This type is considered to be late Pinnawa Red-on-White and may be transitional to Matsaki types. This type was previously unnamed and was recently described by Eckert, 2008;115-116. Another description of this type may be seen in Smith, Woodbury & Woodbury, 1966;324-325.



1Y Hummingbird Red-on-Buff bowl with stylized butterflies.

  This bowl has a primary exterior design with no interior design.

The design layout is strikingly similar to vessel #1Y of White-on-Red (Unnamed) pottery.

Approximate Dimensions: 11 1/8" or 28.3 cm. by 4 7/8" or 12.5 cm.


2Y Hummingbird Red-on-Buff jar.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 3/4" or 25 cm. by 7 1/2" or 19 cm.




3Y Hummingbird Red-on-Buff bowl with a primary interior design and secondary exterior design.

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/2" or 21.5 cm. by 3 1/2" or 9 cm.




4N Hummingbird Red-on-Buff Bowl with a (Matsaki) "splatter" design on the interior that is commonly

seen on Jeddito Black-on-Yellow, and Sikyatki Polychrome pottery.

  It also has a curious O painted below the continuous exterior design.

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/2" or 19 cm. by 3" or 7.7 cm.




5Y Hummingbird Red-on-Buff Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 5" by 3 3/4"



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