TYPE: Mesa Verde Black-on-White

DATE: A.D. 1180 to 1300 (Oppelt, 2008;27)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs, secondary exterior designs common.

COMMON DESIGNS:  Mesa Verde Black-on-White designs usually consist of banded layouts, often with several thin concentric bands above and below a band of design along with rim decorations (usually ticking). There are also unbanded, all over designs, many of which resemble Reserve Black-on-White described in the Cibola Whiteware section of this guide.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Thicker, heavier vessels with most being decorated with vegetal paint instead of mineral paint like most vessels in earlier types. Many vessels have banded layouts with multiple thin concentric bands above and below the design, often with rim decoration (usually ticking) and often exterior bowl decoration. Most earlier types usually have only single banding or framing lines.


Organic Paint

Mineral Paint

White Slipped


COMMENTS: Most vessels are now decorated with vegetal paint, however some are decorated with mineral paint. Most vessels are slipped white, while some are not slipped. Researchers often give the name McElmo Black-on-White to the more simple or crudely painted Mancos and Mesa Verde examples.



1Y Mesa Verde Black-on-White Mug

Approximate Dimensions: 5" by 4".




2N Mesa Verde Black-on-White Bowl



3N Mesa Verde Black-on-White Bowl


4Y Mesa Verde Black-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 7" by 2 3/4"




5N Mesa Verde Black-on-White Olla



6N Mesa Verde Black-on-White Olla with Corrugated Rim

Approximate Dimensions: 16 1/2" by 11 3/4"



7N Mesa Verde Bowl with Loop Handle.



8N Mesa Verde Black-on-White Kiva Jar




9N Anasazi Mesa Verde Black-on-White Pitcher

Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/2" by 5 1/2"



10Y Anasazi Mesa Verde Black-on-White Deep Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/4" by 7"


11Y Anasazi Mesa Verde Black-on-White Bowl, Mineral Paint Variety

Approximate Dimensions: 12 5/8" by 5 3/4"

12Y Anasazi Mesa Verde Black-on-White Olla with "strap" handles

possibly for suspension as the painted lines indicate.

Approximate Dimensions: 18" by 11 3/4"




13N Anasazi Mesa Verde Black-on-White Olla with hunting scene.

Approximate Dimensions: 15" by 11 1/4"


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