TYPE: Mogollon Red-on-Brown

DATE: A.D. 650 to 750 (Brody & Leblanc, 1983;40)


COMMON DESIGNS: Simple designs that usually cover the entire field of view.  Motifs include lines, solid triangles and/or barbs, negative "lightning bolts". Motifs are commonly rectilinear on quartered or banded layouts.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Finer linework than San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown. Interior red designs on a tan or brown slip that are usually polished over, creating a somewhat blurred effect.  Exteriors are red slipped and can be smooth or "dimpled". 

COMMENTS: Like San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown, Mogollon Red-on-Brown was most likely developed from San Francisco Red, as the exteriors are virtually identical.


Dimpled Exterior

Non-Dimpled Exterior


1N Mogollon Red-on-Brown Bowl


2Y Mogollon Red-on-Brown Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 7/8" by 3 1/2"


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