TYPE: Tularosa Red-on-Black Corrugated

DATE:  A.D. 1150 to 1400 (see comments)

KEY DIFERENCES: Red designs painted on black interiors, with fine corrugated exteriors. Coils usually measure up to about 5mm wide and average about 3mm. Corrugation is usually finer than Reserve Corrugated. Coils were often rubbed when wet and look polished. Coils are usually very even and never sloppy looking unless they were made in the Safford and adjacent areas. Interiors are usually smudged and can be so well smudged that you may see a rainbow of colors shining off the dark black surface, others may have a silver shine.

FORMS: Bowls

DESIGNS: The interior design of the only bowl currently known consists of three long zig-zag lines closely painted together and dividing the bowl roughly in half. Near the rim on both halves is a large diamond with "fringe". The linework is thin, as is the exterior corrugation.

COMMENTS: Dates are believed to be the same as Tularosa Corrugated.

1Y Tularosa Red-on-Black Corrugated Bowl

This extremely rare bowl (believed to be from the Safford area) is the

only one currently known, and to our knowledge has not been described

in any archaeological text. Approximate Dimensions: 12" by 6"


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