Born: 1929 - Deceased: 1990

Vessel Forms: Effigies, Bowls, Ollas,

Pottery Dolls, Four Necked Vessels with Strap Handles.


R. G. Munn Auction, LLC  - October 2005

(Lot # 3)

Allard Auctions, Inc. August 2005

(Lot # 313)

R. G. Munn Auction, LLC  - October 2001

(Lot # 1287)




1N Mojave Bowl signed Elmer Gates and dated 1975




2N Mojave Four-spouted Human Effigy Vessel attributed to Elmer Gates.





3N Mojave Red-on-Brown Scoop by Elmer Gates

Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/4" by 5" by 3"




4N Mojave Red-on-Brown Olla by Elmer Gates


5N Mojave Red-on-Brown Jar by Elmer Gates

5N Mojave Storyteller by Elmer Gates

Approximate Dimension: 9" by 7 1/2" by 7 1/2"



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