TYPE: Dinetah Gray

(AKA Dinetah Utility)

DATE: A.D. 1540 to 1740 (Oppelt, 2002:14)

BACKGROUND COLOR: Gray to black.


KEY DIFFERENCES: Jar shapes usually have somewhat pointed bottoms, a mid-body bulge, and constricted necks with slightly flared or straight rims. Exteriors usually show scrape marks by being scraped or scored with corncobs or shredded bark during manufacture.


Scored and Non-scored.





1Y Dinetah Gray Olla

Approximate Dimensions: 15 3/8" by 11"



2Y Dinetah Gray Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/2" by 7"


3N Dinetah Gray Olla

Approximate Dimensions: 21" by 15 1/2"



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