TYPE: Gobernador Red-on-Yellow

DATE: A.D. 1640 to 1880? (Oppelt, 2002:20)

PRIMARY BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Exteriors and/or interiors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Line breaks are common. Paneled bands are common on bowl exteriors just below the rim and to the shoulder on the "sharp" shouldered bowl forms, or just below the rounded shoulder or curve of the other typical bowl forms. Banded designs also occur on jars which also may have a "sharp" shoulder at the mid-body bulge or may have a more gentle rounded shoulder. Motifs include wide red lines or key motifs outlined in matte black thin lines, thin black zigzag lines may be painted on red slipped zones or non slipped zones. Other motifs used were crosshatching, solid triangles, dots, diamonds, etc. Rarely animal motifs.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Vessels and sherds usually light in weight, warping and bubbles in the paste common due to high firing temperature. Shapes and designs often imitated pueblo pottery types such as Tewa Polychrome, however pueblo pottery have black designs painted on white or buff slipped zones, the yellow or buff zones on Gobernador Polychrome are not slipped, but rather the natural color of the fired clay.

Pueblo pottery is usually heavier in weight.






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