TYPE: Pilon Red-on-Brown


DATE: A.D. 700 to 1250 (Rakita and Raymond, 2003;160)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interior designs with occasional secondary exterior designs.

COMMON DESIGNS: Intricate designs that may include hatching, dots, zigzag, diamonds, etc. Rims are usually painted.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLOR(S):  Reddish brown to yellow to white.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Extra polishing confined to the narrow linework. Vessels were lightly polished, then painted, then the painted designs were polished over.


1N Casas Grandes Pilon Red-on-Brown Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 5 7/8" by 4 3/8"


2N Casas Grandes Pilon Red-on-Brown

Approximate Dimensions: 6 1/2" by 5 1/8"


3Y Casas Grandes Pilon Red-on-Brown

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/8" by 5 1/4"



4Y Casas Grandes Pilon Red-on-Brown Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 11" by 5 1/8"


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