TYPE: Rincon Black-on-Red

DATE:  A.D. 950 to 1125 (Wallace 1195;465)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors and/or exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Designs are the same as Rincon Red-on-Brown.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Black Rincon designs on a red slipped background.

COMMENTS: This type is extremely rare.




1N Rincon Black-on-Red plate or platter.

The exterior of this vessel is identical to Gila Red of the Classic Period.

It has a high amount of finely ground biotite (gold mica) and muscovite (silver mica) or gneiss/schist

observable on the surface. The interior seems to have a thicker red slip covering much of the temper.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/2" or 24.2 cm. by 1 3/4" or 4.4 cm.


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