TYPE: San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown

DATE:  A.D. 650 to 700 (see comments)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors, or exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Simple broadline red-on-brown designs usually in a quartered layout. The broad linework may have extra polishing over and within the painted lines.

TEMPER: Usually white angular crushed rock, rounded Quartz is rare, temper can be fine to large.

SLIP: Bowl exteriors often slipped red and often have a dimpled or dented appearance, interiors polished.


Hohokam Brown Ware, Estrella Red-on-Gray (Early)

San Simon Brown Ware, Dos Cabezas Red-on-Brown

Dragoon Brown Ware, Cascabel Red-on-Brown

Casas Grandes, Anchondo Red-on-Brown

COMMENTS: Haury first described San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown (Haury, 1936;6-9). Since then archaeologists have lumped this type with Mogollon Red-on-Brown. Dates are believed to fall within the first half of the next type in line - Mogollon Red-on-Brown (A.D. 650 to 750).



1Y San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown Variant Bowl.

This vessel has a red slipped interior with wide line work painted over a large coiled exterior.

Approximate Dimensions: 9" by 5 3/4"



2N San Lorenzo Red-on-Brown Plate.

This vessel was reportedly found near the southern border of New Mexico & Arizona.


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