TYPE: Trincheras Purple-on-Red

DATE: A.D. 700 to 1150 (Heckman 2000;75)

PRIMARY BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually interiors (occasionally exteriors of deeper bowls).

COMMON DESIGNS: Mogollon looking designs similar to Mogollon Red-on-Brown and Three Circle Red-on-White.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Purple paint on a red slipped background color. Jar interiors are usually scored. Occasionally "fire clouding" causes the slip to look tan or brown in areas.

COMMENTS: Other than a couple of early Hohokam Tucson Basin types, Trincheras wares are the only types to use a specular purple paint (specular hematite). Certain Salado, Pinto and Gila variants have used a specular hematite that is black, but not purple. There is a great difference in design between Trincheras Hohokam and Salado types.


Specular Purple Paint

Non Specular Purple Paint



Mogollon: Mogollon Red-on-Brown, and

Three Circle Red-on-White



1N Trincheras Purple-on-Red Seed Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 10" or 25.4 cm. by 8" or 20.3 cm.

1N Note the scored interior of the jar.



2Y Trincheras Purple-on-Red Seed Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 8" by 6"


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