TYPE: Tularosa Corrugated

DATE:  A.D. 1150 to 1400 (Wood, 1987;170)

KEY DIFFERENCES: Coils usually measure up to about 5mm wide and average about 3mm. Corrugation is usually finer than Reserve Corrugated. Coils can look "dry" but were often rubbed when wet and look polished. Coils are usually very even looking unless they were made in the Safford and adjacent areas and which may date to the later range. Interiors are usually smudged and can be so well smudged that you may see a rainbow of colors shining off the dark black surface, others may have a silver shine.

COMMENTS: Tularosa and Reserve Corrugated are most often indented corrugated. Many have a coiled, non-indented center corrugated bottom about 1 to 2 inches or 2 1/2 to 5 cm in diameter. These are not considered to be the zoned corrugated variety because when the bowl sits on a surface, the outside bottom is not in view.  Corrugation can be rough, smooth, or even polished looking.


Clapboard Corrugated

Indented Corrugated

Indented Corrugated with Corrugated Bottom

Patterned Corrugated

Zoned Corrugated (Alternating)

Smeared Indented Corrugated



1Y Tularosa Corrugated Bowl

(Indented Corrugated with Corrugated Bottom Variety)

Approximate Dimensions: 8 3/8" by 3 5/8"




2N Tularosa  Patterned Corrugated Bowl (Indented designs in regular corrugation)

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/4" by  4 5/8"


3Y Mogollon Tularosa Zoned and Patterned Corrugated Double-Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/2" by 4 5/8"


4N Mogollon Tularosa Patterned Corrugated Jar (large).



5N Tularosa Corrugated Bowl (Safford Variety)



6N Mogollon Tularosa Indented Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/4 " by 3 1/4"




7Y Mogollon Tularosa Patterned Corrugated Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 8" by 7 1/4"



8Y Mogollon Tularosa Zoned Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 10" by 5"



9Y Mogollon Tularosa Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 11 3/8" by 4 5/8"


10Y Mogollon Tularosa Patterned Corrugated  Partial Bowl

This partial bowl has a spiral pattern indented in the corrugation. The indenting caused ridges however the potter did not smooth them over as the potter that made vessel #8Y in the Reserve Corrugated Section of this guide.

Approximate Dimensions: 6 7/8" by 3 1/8"



11Y Mogollon Tularosa Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 5" by 2 1/4"



12N Mogollon Tularosa Patterned Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 3/4" by 4"



13Y Mogollon Tularosa Corrugated (Patterned Variety) Jar-in-a-Bowl Form

Approximate Dimensions: 6 1/4" by 4 1/2"


14N Mogollon Tularosa Corrugated Jar

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/4" by 7 1/4"




15N Mogollon Tularosa Corrugated Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 10 7/8" by 4 1/2"


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