TYPE: Pinnawa White-on-Red (see comments)

A.K.A.: White-on-Red (unnamed)

DATE: AD 1350 to 1420 (Smith, Woodbury & Woodbury:1966;314,315)

PRIMARY BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually exteriors, occasionally interiors with secondary exterior designs.

COMMON DESIGNS: Usually done in medium and/or thin white lines, occasional hatching, occasional solid elements.

KEY DIFFERENCES: White designs on a red slip.

VARIETIES: Non-smudged and smudged interiors.

COMMENTS: Woodbury and Woodbury describe this type without naming it in the book titled: "The Excavation of Hawikuh" by Frederick Webb Hodge (Smith, Woodbury and Woodbury 1966;314-315), stating that forms and designs are similar to Pinnawa Glaze-on-White. Because the shapes and designs as well as the production years are similar to Pinnawa Glaze-on-White, I propose that the type should be named Pinnawa White-on-Red.



1N White-on-Red Bowl with interior and exterior designs.



2Y This White-on-Red olla contains "spirit breaks" in both the upper and lower banding lines.

Approximate Dimensions: 6 1/2" or 16.5 cm. by 5 1/4" or 13.5 cm.


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