TYPE: Victoria Red-on-Brown


DATE:  A.D. 700 to 1250 (Rakita and Raymond, 2003;160)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors and/or exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Simple broadline designs as in Anchondo Red-on-Brown. Rims are usually painted. Textured surfaces occur on jar necks and bowl exteriors.


KEY DIFFERENCES: Broadline designs that usually are not polished over.

COMMENTS: This type is also known as Victoria Red-on-Brown Textured. Jars usually have some texturing that is often confined to the neck or shoulder. This type could be considered a variety of Anchondo Red-on-Brown, although the painted design is often not polished over.



1Y Victoria Red-on-Brown Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/8" by 3"


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