TYPE: Hidden Mountain Polychrome

DATE: AD 1375 to 1450+ (Eckert, 2008;116) (see comments)

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary interiors, secondary exteriors (rarely primary exteriors).

COMMON DESIGNS: Designs are banded and the same as Heshota and Kwakina Polychromes.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Exterior white slip, interior red slip. 

TEMPER: Crushed sherd and rock.  


COMMENTS: This type was recently described by Eckert, 2008;116. This type only applies to bowls and can be thought of as a "reverse" Kawkina Polychrome. Hidden Mountain Polychrome bowls have a white exterior slip and a red interior slip, whereas Kwakina Polychrome bowls have a red exterior slip and a white interior slip. Jars with part red and part white exterior slips would be Kwakina Polychrome. Hidden Mountain Polychrome is likely a variant of Kwakina Polychrome and possibly has an earlier beginning date of around A.D. 1300.


Glaze-on-White Exterior, Glaze-on-Red Interior

Glaze-on-White Exterior, Red Interior

Glaze-on-White Exterior, Glaze-on-White-on-Red Interior


Zuni Ware: Kwakina Polychrome

Zuni Ware: Heshota Polychrome



1Y Anasazi Zuni Ware, Hidden Mountain Polychrome Bowl with rare primary exterior design.

Approximate Dimensions: 3 7/8" by 2 1/4"




2Y Anasazi Zuni Ware, Hidden Mountain Polychrome Bowl

with four parrots painted on the inside.

Approximate Dimensions: 9" by 4"




3Y Anasazi Zuni Ware, Hidden Mountain Polychrome Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/2" by 4"



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