TYPE: Broadline Purple-on-Red

(recently described in Wallace,2003;166,167)

DATE: A.D. 475-700 (Wallace 2003;126,188)

COMMON FORMS: Bowls and jars, some with slightly flared rims.


MICACEOUS TEMPER: Finely ground or none

DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually interiors of bowls.

COMMON DESIGNS: Broadline straight lines, curvilinear designs, chevrons.

KEY DIFFRENCES: Purple paint on a red slip. The purple paint was made from specular hematite that usually sparkles.  Trincheras Purple-on-Red (commonly found in the Altar Valley and south into Mexico and at sites near Nogales, Arizona) jars usually have scored interiors whereas Tucson Basin Broadline Purple-on-Red probably does not.  Trincheras designs often employ fine lines whereas Tortolita Broadline types usually do not. Trincheras Ware is not known to have been produced using the paddle & anvil thinning technique, whereas Tucson Basin Broadline types do.


1Y Hohokam Broadline Purple-on-Red Sherds

Length of larger sherd is approximately 2 3/8" or 6cm.



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