TYPE: Transitional Early Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown
(Also known as Late Rincon, Cortaro, Rincon Style C, and Topawa)

DATE: Approx. 1125-1150 A.D.

COMMON FORMS: Regular shaped bowls and Jars, platter or shallow bowls. Jars usually have Gila Shoulders with short, straight necks, the shoulders are usually not as sharp, often smoothed or even rounded compared to most Gila Shouldered jars of the preceding Rincon Phase. The exaggerated flare-rim or helmet bowl is no longer being produced.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Natural brown or white slipped, or smudged black.

COMMON DESIGNS AND DESIGN PLACEMENT: Primary bowl designs can be painted on the interior, exterior, or both. Bowls that have designs that cover the entire design field(s) usually have angular and curvilinear scroll designs on the same field. Often the scrolls “themselves” are both part angular and part curvilinear that appear “degenerate”, or not well executed (see photo #'s H2Y & H3Y below). Other bowls can have designs arranged in a band that usually does not cover the entire design field(s), often leaving much of the design field blank (see photo H4Y below).


KEY DIFFERENCES: Jars with Gila Shoulders in combination with straight necks. Bowl designs arranged in “bands” that do not cover the entire design field(s). Vertical hatching in many designs. Scrolls that are partly angular and curvilinear. Often the linework in many designs appear “degenerate”, or not well executed.

COMMENTS: This type of pottery is considered transitional between Late Rincon and Tanque Verde. Transitional pottery is described as having various diagnostic traits from two time periods or phases. These types are made when one time period or phase “transfers” into another.

H1N Hohokam Transitional Early Tanque Verde (ca.1125-1150)

A superb example of a jar with a rounded gila shoulder.  The body has a band design of thick line, diamond shaped, interlocking scrolls, while the band design on the neck is thin line, diamond shaped, interlocking scrolls.


H2Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown Transitional partial jar, with a rounded

gila shoulder and a straight neck with a design of degenerate interlocking scrolls and dots painted

on it.  The body has a plaited design, some of the solids being "ticked", or painted with "ticks".

Height of partial jar is approximately 4" or 10cm.


H3Y Hohokam Transitional Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown partial pitcher, with a design of thick line rectilinear scrolls, ticked thick lines, and scrolls that are in part curvilinear, and rectilinear.

Approximate width of partial pitcher is 5 1/4" or 13.3cm.



H4Y Hohokam Transitional Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown deep bowl.  A micaceous example with the primary (greater) design being on the interior of the deep bowl.  The design is a band of diamond shaped, interlocking rectilinear scrolls, with solid triangles, and ticked lines.  The secondary (lesser) exterior design is a band of interlocking triangles with small solid triangles, lines, and ticked lines inside them.

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/4" or 18.4cm. by 5" or 12.6cm.


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