TYPE: Estrella Red-on-Gray

DATE: A.D. 650 – 675 (Wallace, 1995;465)

COMMON FORMS: Regular shaped bowls and jars with normal round shoulders and bottoms.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Natural gray, brown, or both. Some have an exterior red slip.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Tool polished. First instance of incising, at Snaketown less then 01% are coiled and incised (Gladwin,1965;202). The incising is a slight deepening of the troughs between polished coils. This is also true of some of the Vahki Red examples of the Estrella Phase. Early examples of Estrella Red-on-Grey may have a polished red slip on the exteriors, later examples do not.

PASTE: Non-porous. Variable amounts of mica-Schist noticable - some vessels have a little, most have alot.

DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually interiors of bowls, rarely decorated on the exterior of bowls.

COMMON DESIGNS: Early vessels show broadline simple designs, such as lines, triangles, squares, and scrolls (non-interlocking), that were polished over, creating a blurred effect as well as many later vessels having finer lines that were not polished over. These “finer lines still average 8mm or 5/16” in width. (Haury 1976;221)

KEY DIFFERENCES: Early vessels have a red slip on exteriors with simple polished broadline designs on interiors. Later vessels have no exterior slip and narrower line work (averaging app. 8mm or 5/16” in width) on interiors that were not polished over the linework. Some examples have coiled exteriors that have grooved troughs between the coils.

1N This bowl is believed to be Hohokam Estrella Red-on-Gray, it has a

characteristic broadline design.

(Photographed with the Snaketown Collection)


2N Estrella Red-on-Gray Bowl made to look like a single coil went into the making of it,

although if you look close, you can see joints. The interior and exterior is polished but the painted

lines are not polished over, and there is no grooving between the coils.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/4" by 3"



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