TYPE: Gila Plain

DATE: AD 150 to 1450+ (Wallace 2003:22,169)

See Article: Gila Plain and Gila Red, Older Than We Think?

COMMON FORMS: Since Gila Plain was made from the Early Ceramic Period through the Classic Period, it can be found in just about all common Hohokam ceramic forms.

COMMON COLORS: Usually tan to brown, often reddish to orange or black, often with lots of mica showing through. Interiors of bowls often can be smudged black.

MICACEOUS TEMPER: Often heavy. Can be large mica-schist flakes, or finely crushed mica flakes. In some areas (including the Tucson area) Gila Plain was often made with very little or a very small amount of mica.

COMMENTS: It would seem logical to name Gila Plainwares according to the phase names to which they were found, however it often cannot be done because it is practically impossible to date Gila Plain sherds to specific phases. Forms often are not a reliable way to date Gila Plain, for example, Gila Plain is rarely seen with a sharp Gila Shoulder as found on the decorated jars of the Sedentary Period. Also, many Gila Plain jars found in the Colonial Period have tall straight necks, a feature found on Gila Plain jars of the Classic Period. Redware tall neck jars are also found in the Pioneer Period, as well as the Classic Period. Jars with round bottoms and short necks are also found in most phases. It is also relatively rare in flare-rim bowl forms. The only way to accurately date some of the Gila Plain to phases are by certain specific forms, (such as the classic or gila shoulder) or if they were found in direct association with other dateable (painted) ceramics.



Smudged Interiors

Non-smudged Interiors


Red Mountain

Vahki Phase

Estrella Phase

Sweetwater Phase

Snaketown Phase

Gila Butte Phase

Santa Cruz Phase

Sacaton Phase

Soho Phase

Civano Phase

Crucible Forms


Agua Caliente

Tortolita Phase

Estrella Phase

Sweetwater Phase

Snaketown Phase

Canada Del Oro Phase

Rillito Phase

Rincon Phase

Tanque Verde Phase

Tucson Phase

1Y Gila Plain Bowl (Smudged Variety) with large slate/schist temper particles.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/8" by 5 1/4"



2N Gila Plain Micaceous Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 4 1/8" by 1 1/2"


3Y Gila Plain Scoop

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/8" by 3 7/8" by 3 1/8"


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