TYPE: Sweetwater Phase Gila Plain

DATE: A.D. 675 to 700 (Wallace 2003;22)

See General Description of Gila Plain

COMMON FORMS: Bowls and jars.

COMMON COLORS: Brown, gray, black.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Polished or polished then incised.

MICACEOUS TEMPER: Variable, very little to often heavy. Can be large mica-schist flakes, or fine (crushed) mica flakes.


COMMENTS: As discussed in the comments section under Gila Plain , forms are not always a reliable way to date plainware to phases.  The only way is by certain specific forms or treatments, or to find the plainware in direct association with other dateable ceramics.


1N Sweetwater Phase Gila Plain Sherd that is highly micaceous.

Approximately 1 1/4" long.


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