TYPE: Tanque Verde Phase Gila Red

DATE: A.D. 1125 - 1300 (Wallace 2003;22)

See General Description of Gila Red

COMMENTS: Personally, this author feels that the four types: Salt Red, Salt Red Smudged, Gila Red and Gila Red Smudged, should only be two types: Salt Red and Gila Red. Salt and Gila Reds (that are not smudged from the Salt and Gila River areas) may be rare in the Classic Period. When talking about Salt Red and Gila Red in the Classic Period, Haury stated: "Smudged vessels outnumber the unsmudged by a large ratio at all times". (Haury, 1945;81). One must also consider the possibility that a number of smudged vessels went thru an intentional or accidental secondary firing and became unsmudged. Truly intentional unsmudged Gila Red and Salt Red in the Classic Period from the Salt and Gila River areas may be rare indeed. Personally, this author feels that smudged and unsmudged Gila and Salt Reds should simply be varieties of the two types.  It should be noted that Salt Red Perry Mesa Regional Variety and Verde Regional Variety are commonly not smudged (Wood, 1987;32).



1N Hohokam Classic Period Gila Red Storage Jar

This huge storage jar has beautiful purposely arranged fire-clouds.

Approximate Dimensions: 33" (84cm) by 30" (76cm)


2N Hohokam Gila Red Storage Olla

Approximate Dimensions: 26" by 21"


3Y Hohokam Gila Red with a "Gila Shoulder"

and tall neck (early Tanque Verde Phase)

Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/4" by 6 1/2"



4Y Hohokam Gila Red Pitcher (Tanque Verde Phase)

Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/2" by 5"




5N Hohokam Gila Red Olla

with a tall neck and a "Classic Shoulder".

Approximate Dimensions: 18" by 16"


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