TYPE: Gila Red of the Estrella Phase

AKA Vahki Red

DATE: A.D. 650 to 675 (Wallace 1995;465)

COMMON FORMS: Bowls and jars.



EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Polished, or polished and deeply grooved between coils.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Only on grooved or incised examples is one able to notice obvious diagnostic differences. A small percentage of earlier Tortolita examples may only be coiled and not grooved (see Gila Plain of the Tortolita Phase). Later Sweetwater examples are not as deeply grooved.



1N Hohokam Estrella Red (ca. 650-675). Shards from the Altar/Avra Valley west of Tucson.

Three sherds representing three different vessels.  The two larger sherds have carbon stained cores.  They both have thick well slipped interiors and exteriors with polishing striations running vertical on the interiors and horizontally on the exteriors. The smaller sherd is too weathered to see polishing striations, however it appears slipped and does not have a carbon stained core.  They also have a little bit of micaceous temper very similar to Rincon Red.

The largest sherd is approximately 1 1/2" or 4cm. long.


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