TYPE: Rincon Polychrome

DATE: A.D. 950-1125 (Wallace 1195;465)

COMMON FORMS: Gila shouldered seed jars, bowls, shouldered and non-shouldered.


TYPICAL COLOR SCHEME: Rincon Polychrome usually has the appearance of black on white on red. Usually the red slip was applied first, often leaving broad area or bands unslipped, usually white paint or slip was applied to these broad areas or bands, and then black Rincon designs or motifs where painted on the white.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Slipped and polished.

BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Bowls can be painted on the exteriors, or interiors, or both.

COMMON DESIGNS: Design motifs are the same as Rincon Red-on-Brown

COMMENTS: Rincon Polychrome is basically, Rincon Red with the addition of white and black. Often vessels are slipped red on the interiors and exteriors.


Color Key for the primary and secondary design fields:

Red=Paint, On Red=Red to Orange Slip, Black=Paint, On Black=Black or Grey Smudge (often “mottled” with brown), White=Paint, On White= White or Buff Slip, Buff=Buff Slip, On Brown=Natural Pottery Background.

Primary Design Field, Secondary Design Field

Black-on-White-on-Red, Red Slip

Black-on-White-on-Red, Natural Brown (Greenleaf,1975;68 fig. 3.21.b)
Black-on-White-on-Red, Black-on-White-on-Red (Greenleaf,1975;69 fig. 3.23.b)

Black-and-White-on-Red, Black-on-Red (Greenleaf,1975;70-71 fig. 3.24.a)

Black-and-White-on-Red, Black-and-White-on-Red

(Greenleaf, 1975;70-71 fig. 3.24.b)

Black-and-White (plus) Black-on-White-on-Red, Black-on-Red

(Greenleaf, 1975;70-71 fig. 3.24.d)

1N Hohokam Rincon Polychrome large seed jar, with a typical Black-on-White-on-Red design, consisting of two bands.  The lower band has concentric straight lines with a wavy line in the center.  The upper band has diagonal rectilinear scrolls and lines within double framing lines. 

Approximate Dimensions: 12 1/2" or 31.5cm. by 7 1/4" or 18.3cm.



2Y Rincon Polychrome sherd with a micaceous red interior.

Approx. 1 1/4" long.


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