TYPE: Sahuarita Polychrome

DATE: A.D. 950 - 1125 (Wallace 1195;465)

TYPICAL COLOR SCHEMES: Red and/or Black-on-Brown or White exteriors, Red slipped interiors.

COMMON FORMS: See Rincon Red-on-Brown bowl forms.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Primary design background color is brown or white slipped. Secondary background color is red.

PRIMARY BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually exteriors, occasionally interiors.

COMMON DESIGNS: See Rincon-Red-on-Brown and Rio Rico Polychromes.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Bichrome primary design that is not red slipped. Sahuarita Polychrome often have no designs painted on a red slipped surface, although some vessels may have secondary black designs painted on the red slipped surface.   Rincon Polychrome has black and white, or black-on-white painted on red slipped surfaces. Rio Rico Polychrome has red and black painted on Brown or white slipped surfaces.

COMMENTS: Sahuarita Polychrome adds more sense in describing varieties of Rincon Phase polychromes.  It was first described by Deaver (1984;328-329), based on several sherds found at several sites along the Santa Cruz river in and near Tucson, Arizona.


Color Key for the primary and secondary design fields:

Red=Paint, Black=Paint, On White=White or Buff Slip,

Brown=Natural Pottery Background

Primary Design Field, Secondary Design Field

Red and Black-on-Brown, Red Slip (4 colors)

Red and Black-on-White, Red Slip (4 colors)

Red-on-Brown, Red Slip

Black-on-Brown, Red Slip

Red-on-White, Red Slip

Black-on-White, Red Slip

Black-on-White, Black-on-Red


1N Hohokam Sahuarita Polychrome (ca. 1000-1125) shouldered bowl.

This is the Red-on-Brown variety of Sahuarita Polychrome and is possibly the finest example of its kind. It is painted with opposing nested straight and wavy line chevrons.

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/8" or 20.5cm. by 5" or 12.8cm.

1N In this close up photo, you can see the color difference of the red painted rim

compared to the red slipped interior surface.


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