TYPE: Sells Red Polychrome

DATE: A.D. 1125 to 1450+ (see comments)

COMMON FORMS: Most Sells Redware bowls have flared rims and intentional indented bottoms (external view) that often looks like a circular “raised spot” when looking at the interior. Most jars have classic shoulders with tall neck rims.

COMMON COLORS: Sells Polychrome is slipped red as all other Sells Redware but additionally have an area that is slipped a darker red with white painted on it. Usually fire-clouded on exteriors only.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Notably the most important factor in determining Sells Red from other redware are the patterned polishing striations found on this ware. Bowl interiors and exteriors, as well as jar exteriors, have polishing striations parallel along the rim and vertical or slanted along body.

DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors and/or exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Broad white lines.

KEY DIFFERENCE(S): Polishing striations parallel to the rim and at a right angle to the body.

COMMENTS: Painted Sells types are extremely rare. Dates are believed to be the same as Sells Red.
Dates are based on when the Classic Period began. Read article in this guide titled: Rincon-Tanque Verde Transtional Ceramics (King, 2004) .

1Y Replica of a sherd found at San Cayentano Del Tumacacori

(DiPeso,1956:pg306, fig.46)

Approximate Dimensions: 4" by 3 1/4"




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