TYPE: Sweetwater Polychrome

PERIOD: Pioneer

APPROXIMATE DATE: A.D. 675 – 700 (Wallace, 1995;465)

COMMON FORMS: Bowls, Scoops.

SLIP: None

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: gray, brown or both.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Polished. There has been no mention of incised exterior treatment found on Sweetwater Polychrome.

COMMON DESIGNS: See Sweetwater Red-on-Gray

DESIGN PLACEMENT: Interiors and exteriors of bowls.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Sweetwater Polychrome is the only Prehistoric Pottery type known in the southwest to incorporate red and yellow paint.

COMMENTS: Sweetwater Polychrome is one of the oldest polychromes known in the Southwest, and is extremely rare. Only one vessel and six sherds were found at Snaketown (Haury;1976:220).

1N Hohokam Sweetwater Polychrome Scoop or Ladle.

This is the only vessel known to exist for this type.

If it was a scoop, it may have had a human head effigy handle at one time.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 7/8" or 15cm. long (Gladwin,1965;198)



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