Culture: Hopi

Potter: Lawrence Namoki

Active 1983 To present (1998), Current Status Unknown

Born: August 25, 1949 at Polacca

Vessel Forms: Seedjars, jars.

Design Styles: Deep Carved Ware, Black-on-Buff, White-on- Buff, polychrome sgraffito sun designs.

Pottery Making Family Members:

Daughter: Maxine Namoki

Daughter: Laurencita Namoki


Flute-Deer Clan

Students: Maxine & Laurencita Namoki

Award: Best of Show, Eight Northern Pueblo Artists & Craftsmen Show, San Ildefonso

1st Place "Indian Market" Santa Fe 1996




1. Hano Black-on-Yellow Jar by Lawrence Namoki

 Approminate Dimensions: 3" by 3 1/8"



Hopi -Tewa Pottery: 500 artist Biographies

by Gregory Schaaf, 1998, CIAC Press Sante Fe, NM

R.G. Munn Auctions, LLC: January 2004

(lot # 717)





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