TYPE: Variant Matsaki Types

(Monochrome, Bichrome, and Polychrome)

DATE: A.D. 1475 to 1680+ (Lanmon & Harlow, 2008;73)



1Y Unusual small jar that was buff slipped, then a red slip was applied completely over the buff. There appears to be no design, however the paste and the bottom fire-clouds appear typical of Matsaki types.

Approximate Dimensions: 5" by 3"




2Y Unusual Purple-on-Red bowl with a typical Matsaki design.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/4" by 2 5/8"



3Y Unusual Purple-on-Red jar.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/4" by 4"






4Y Variant Matsaki Polychrome Jar.

This jar exhibits glaze black and matte red paints on a red slip.

The form and design is of Matsaki style while the use of glaze paint, red paint, and red slip is common on Hawikuh Polychrome. The Woodbury's stated that "The transition to Hawikuh Polychrome is suggested by the use of glaze paint on two vessels that in slip and design elements were classifiable as Matsaki Polychrome; it is remarkable that when glaze paint was re-introduced or revived no more than two vessels decorated in Matsaki-style occur in our sample." (Smith, Woodbury and Woodbury, 1966;330).

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/2" or 21.5 cm. by 5 1/2" or 14 cm.




5N Matsaki Polychrome Splattered Bowl. This specimen is likely a late example having an interior splatter design on a red slip with a primary exterior design done in matte black and red on buff. This piece is likely contemporaneous with Hawikuh Polychrome, dating between AD 1630 to 1680.




6Y Matsaki Polychrome bowl with five colors: black, stippled black, red, and white on a light gray background. The solid white motif may resemble a "foot print". White paint applied to Matsaki Polychrome is very rare. On the Hopi mesas just west of Zuni, when white was added to Sityatki Polychrome it became Kawaika-a Polychrome (see examples in the Jeddito Wares section of this guide).

Approximate Dimensions: 8" or 20.3 cm. by 3 1/2" or 9 cm.



7Y Matsaki Polychrome Variant. Late shape likely dating between A.D. 1650-1690.

Unusual red-slipped bottom and inner rim. Red slipped bottoms are common on

Hawikuh Polychrome of generally the same time period.

Approximate Dimensions: 11 3/8" by 5 3/4"



8Y Matsaki Polychrome Variant. Jar with connected ghosts?, salamanders?,

extraterrestrials connected telepathically?

This unusually painted vessel exhibits a pink-on-brown-on-buff background.

Approximate Dimensions: 11 1/2" by 8 1/2"


9Y Matsaki Variant Purple-on-Red Rectangular Tray

with a divider making two square compartments.

Approximate Dimensions: 10" by 6 5/8" by 2 1/4"



10Y Matsaki Polychrome Variant.

This bowl has a white slipped interior with red and black designs

while the exterior is painted purple-on-red.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/8" by 4 1/2"




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