TYPE: Rincon Red

DATE: A.D. 950 – 1125 (Wallace 2003;22)

COMMON FORMS: Most bowl shapes except for the exaggerated flare-rim bowl, neckless shouldered jars.

COMMON COLORS: Red. Rincon Redwares are often slipped red inside and out.

MCACEOUS TEMPER: Usually very fine, often not very noticeable, although occasionally Rincon Red can have much mica in large flakes.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Thick red slip usually applied to exteriors and interiors of most vessels including jars. Light polishing striations usually run horizontally on both surfaces. Generally not heavy patterned polishing such as Sells Red of the Classic Period. Rincon Red is generally non-micaceous compared to Gila Red although very fine particles show. Rincon Red is usually not smudged, unlike Salt Red Smudged and Gila Red Smudged vessels of the Classic Period.


1Y Hohokam Rincon Red Shouldered Seed Jar

Vessel is slipped red inside and out and has almost no mica in the temper.

Approximate Dimensions: 8" or 20cm by 6" or 15.5cm.



2N Hohokam Rincon Red Cauldron

Approximate Dimensions: 8" by 5 1/4"


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